James van Santen BSc, MSc

Postgraduate Research Assistant

Personal Profile

James has recently joined the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and is working under the supervision of Dr Lesley Smith. His research focusses on how much young people are exposed to alcoholic advertisement online.

James completed a BSc in Sport Science from Bangor University, Wales in 2009, later completing an MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology from the same University in 2012. He later conducted postgraduate research looking into how self-talk buffered the negative effect of negative performance feedback and external stresses using the Self-Determination Theory as the theoretical framework. He has previously worked with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in a Talent Testing Identification Program with the aim of creating a model that predicts future international cricket players at a young age.

Research Interests

  • Alcohol advertisement online
  • Self-talk in a sport science domain
  • Self-Determination Theory

Contact Details

Email: jvan-santen@brookes.ac.uk