Sarah Snow

Programme Lead for Midwifery and Lead Midwife for Education

Personal Profile

Prior to her move to Brookes, Sarah held the positions of programme lead and LME at the University of Worcester. Her career as a nurse and midwife spans 30 years, the last 14 of which have been spent within higher education, teaching across a range of pre and post registration midwifery and sexual health courses.

Sarah works closely with OxBUMP to ensure that research relevant to midwifery and women’s health retains a high profile within the midwifery teaching team and student body at Brookes. This relationship, alongside one with the Women’s Centre Research Strategy Group, contributes to the high level of support that all midwifery students undertaking primary research receive.

Research Interests

  • Midwifery student retention
  • Midwife’s role within sexual health
  • Enquiry-based learning


Sarah has over a decade of experience teaching pre-registration midwifery and nursing students, utilising traditional and enquiry-based learning curricula. She pioneered the introduction of on-line modules within the sexual health provision at Worcester, using the PebblePad e-learning platform.

Contact Details

Twitter: @sarahevenstar